Monday, October 19, 2009


Kaysha is a Senior at CSU in Fort Collins. When she saw my photos, she asked me to take some photos of her that showed her on campus and that she could include with her graduation announcements. I thought it was a great idea to do college "senior" photos, so I headed up to spend an afternoon in Fort Collins.

Kaysha wanted to include some of her favorite places on the CSU campus in her photos. One of her favorites is the Oval, a big open space that's full of grass and trees. It's a favorite student location for studying, relaxing and socializing. After some photos in the Oval, we headed up to the railroad tracks that run through campus for some photos. I think Kaysha missed her true calling... a tightrope walker. She was walking down one side of the railroad track in heels!

After working on the railroad, we headed to a few different buildings to capture the colors and textures of the CSU campus. Finally, we ended up at her truck where she traded out her heels for boots and we took some photos with her and her truck. They have a nice, sentimental feel to them. I think she really likes her truck.

What made the shoot with Kaysha so enjoyable was not just her personality and getting to know her, but also the fact that she's a cousin I never knew I had before this summer! This was our first chance to really hang out and get to know each other. It was great to get to know this "new" family member. Maybe if she decides to get a Masters Degree she'll need more photos in a few years!

You can see more photos here.

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